This is my life

This is potentially the most important article I have ever wrote. If you are reading this then I assume you know a little bit about who I am. On paper, I am an internationally respected disability consultant and activist, and its a title I find humbling as I am just being myself its something I … Continue reading This is my life

Hospital and Identity

  I have written a number of articles in recent times about hospitals and this one could be regarded as the dessert. I should explain I am not annoyed at hospitals; the staff work hard and do their best. However, when you are a complex user, it remains difficult due to no one fault. I … Continue reading Hospital and Identity

Hospitals and Eugenics

Introductiom   As an internationally recognised disability consultant, trainer and most importantly, activist, I have always strongly opposed all forms of eugenics. In 1995, aged 21, I was endlessly watching about parents wanting to kill their young son with cerebral palsy and in frustration I rang the news service, ITN, demanding they interview me, and … Continue reading Hospitals and Eugenics

‘Blue badges for all’ is a bad idea

Blue Badges, or disabled parking permits, have existed for almost 50 years, and are recognised around the world, nearly as much as the wheelchair symbol. They were designed to allow wheelchair users and people with other mobility impairments to use often specific parking spaces in car parks, usually closer to the buildings the car park … Continue reading ‘Blue badges for all’ is a bad idea

Why is it okay to pity visibly disabled people?

People with invisible impairments often complain that they do not receive the attention they deserve as well as not receiving the accommodations to meet the needs people with visible impairments seem to receive automatically. But I believe it is a case of believing the grass is greener on the other side. I am sure there … Continue reading Why is it okay to pity visibly disabled people?

The welfare state should act as a trampoline

Because I am openly centre-right in my politics it is assumed by my critics that I somehow do not agree with the welfare state. The truth is actually quite the opposite, I believe however the current system promotes passivity that is extremely unhelpful, and it should be radically changed to enable and empower people to … Continue reading The welfare state should act as a trampoline