People need families NOT carers!

In terms of this article, the term 'Carer' is defined as members of families who have been define as carers by themselves or others because they are regarded to provide assistance to other family members who have impairments in a manner that is considered as above and beyond what society expects of them which society … Continue reading People need families NOT carers!

Wheelchairs and Personhood

The wheelchair has been the symbol for disability issues since the 1960s. This is because spinal injuries were dominated in the wounded of World War 2 and the Vietnam wars, making wheelchair users, especially paraplegics, a political issue and drive for change. Clearly, over the years the meanings of impairment and disability have grown to … Continue reading Wheelchairs and Personhood

Wheelchair users, please stop disrespecting public transport

In the last 45 years, I have seen the accessibility of public transport for wheelchair users and people with other impairments improve in leaps and bounds on many fronts. It is obviously not perfect and there is still a lot of work still to be done in some areas, but it can not be denied … Continue reading Wheelchair users, please stop disrespecting public transport

Acceptables, Defectives and the Worksky

A lot of 'disabled' activists assume all people with impairments are united in their often left wing aims and objectives and have similar experiences of impairmentism, based on their own experiences. They become defensive when you try to explain that due to the broad nature of impairment and the broad range of society it affects, … Continue reading Acceptables, Defectives and the Worksky