The attacks on PIP is an attack on disabled people

The aim of the government's change from DLA to Personal Independence Payments has been to make a benefit that is more relevant to the current and future needs of disabled people. Whether this will be achieved or not, one thing to acknowledge which many people refuse to do, is that within an economy which will … Continue reading The attacks on PIP is an attack on disabled people

The accessibility of making claims

There is a group of disabled 'activists' would will complain about anything to do with the welfare reforms and the latest thing they have picked upon is the accessibility of the claim process of applying for Personal Independence Payments, the replacement to Disability Living Allowance. The new process starts with a short telephone call, where … Continue reading The accessibility of making claims

If this was a Labour government

If we had a Labour Government implementing the necessary welfare reforms instead of the Coalition government, would people be reacting with so much hostility? Well, I have come to the conclusion that probably not and that a lot of the so-called anti-cuts protests or in fact anti-tory protests by trade unionists, socialists and those institutionalised … Continue reading If this was a Labour government

Who is really going to lose their DLA?

I believe the disability charities and the anti-tory activists would like the public to believe the reform of DLA into PIP will mean who will lose their DLA would be a completely random affair and that people with significant or severe impairments are as much at risk of losing their benefits as people with minor … Continue reading Who is really going to lose their DLA?

The benefits system is broken for disabled people

I strongly believe that the benefits system for disabled people is broken and not fit for purpose, far beyond either the existing arrangements or the welfare reforms. Fundamentally we have a system which encourages people to exaggerate their difficulties for payments which simply compensates them with an arbitrary amount for them to exclude themselves from … Continue reading The benefits system is broken for disabled people

Moving resources to empower people

I strongly believe that they is a lot of money in this country which is wasted on keeping people, especially disabled people, dependent and disempowered. I believe we have a range of social care services that are no longer fit for people as they were not designed to take up the many opportunities now available … Continue reading Moving resources to empower people

Lost of rights or just a free ride?

Many people see the government's welfare reforms as some kind of lost of rights and as I explained yesterday, that is really not quite the case. So the question is whether for some people this is the end of having a free ride as the government asks them to take more responsibility for their actions.The … Continue reading Lost of rights or just a free ride?