What do I mean by ‘Work Shy Movement’?

In my last article on 2013 I referred to the ‘Work Shy Movement’ and I would like to provide a more in-depth explanation to what I mean by this. Firstly, I am not suggesting anyone who is a part of this movement is work shy themselves, quite the opposite as this is a middle class … Continue reading What do I mean by ‘Work Shy Movement’?

Sickness and Poverty Are a State of Mind

For many people, Sickness, in terms of people with long term health conditions, as well as Poverty have become the central issues and concerns as a result of this government's welfare reforms. There is not a day that goes by without some news article or piece of research that explains the apparent woes of people … Continue reading Sickness and Poverty Are a State of Mind

The Barriers to Disabled People’s Happiness

I strongly believe that everyone has the opportunity to achieve happiness if they wish it, including disabled people. By happiness, I mean a natural contentment, a level of inner stability and a positive outlook that enables people to deal with anything that life throws at them. It is not a perfect state of bliss but … Continue reading The Barriers to Disabled People’s Happiness

Yes, the Bedroom Tax Is a Mess

The bedroom tax is one of those simple and understandable ideas that looked great on paper, until you start to implement it and realise it is not going to work in the way anyone hoped. The aim was to help match the size of homes within social housing to those who needed them by discouraging … Continue reading Yes, the Bedroom Tax Is a Mess

Changing the Conversation on Disability

The politics of disability used to be about achieving equality and inclusion as contributing citizens but in 2010 the welfare reforms changed everything. The charities, supported by a whole host of new generation sick and disabled activists have ripped up the equality agenda and replaced it with a list of demands that see disabled people … Continue reading Changing the Conversation on Disability

Is a Proper Debate on Welfare Reform Possible?

For many disabled people working in the field as consultants and activists including myself, the welfare reforms have dominated the agenda since 2010 pushing so many other issues, like grassroot sport and quality of wheelchair services, to the sidelines. But the big question and frustration is in terms of disability, is it really possible to … Continue reading Is a Proper Debate on Welfare Reform Possible?

Needs vs entitlements

I believe there is a big difference between needs and entitlements in terms of both welfare benefits and social care. I see entitlement has someone people get between of specific labels given to them from various tick box assessments. The entitlements are often fixed amounts opt benefits or services which go somewhere to compensate people … Continue reading Needs vs entitlements

Why do people make benefit appeals?

 The welfare benefits appeal system is an important yet maybe misunderstood part of the how benefits worked. While my critics may be amazed at hearing me say this, decisions can be wrong for a whole range of reasons and we need an appeals system. I fear many people are not properly supported when they initially … Continue reading Why do people make benefit appeals?

Unfit is the new ‘n’ word

What I find shocking is how so many so-called  disabled people now fight for their lives to be labelled 'unfit'. I feel unfit is not just a term they argue is about paid employment, but is rather a term that implies someone is unfit for all aspects of society. Once this negative and destructive term … Continue reading Unfit is the new ‘n’ word

Can DLA/PIP buy your independence?

The main reason everyone cites as why so many disabled people should get DLA/PIP is because it is used to meet the extra costs of living and enables disabled people to be independent, but can the money really be used to buy independence? Even if for one minute make DLA an infinite amount of money, … Continue reading Can DLA/PIP buy your independence?