Everyone should get the real support they need

It is no secret that I am concerned at how Personal Independence Payments are regarded as the one and only solution for anyone with any form of impairment, which can indeed mean anyone. The rights to welfare agenda is based on a tragedy model of disability, where payment is offered as a pity motivated compensation to … Continue reading Everyone should get the real support they need

WCA may have failed but what activists want is worse

The Work Capacity Assessment (WCA) for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) has been controversial to many people, and there has been plenty of calls for it to be scrapped. I am therefore somewhat bemused by the mute response to the government’s commitment to do just that in the spending review.Despite what many believe I have said, I have never said … Continue reading WCA may have failed but what activists want is worse

Statement on post-sanction support

I have shown by support for benefit sanctions because I believe people must take responsibility for their actions. I have been deeply concerned at the level of bigotry towards people with learning difficulties or mental health issues by those who oppose sanctions for their own ideological reasons. By suggesting someone is incapable to be sanctioned is suggesting … Continue reading Statement on post-sanction support

ATOS Bashing Is Just a Fad

Over the last few weeks I have noticed a number of supposed news articles which appear to call for public anger at the legitimate process of claiming disability benefits rather than any apparent failures of the system. These lead me to suspect that it is now a trend and even fashion to find anything to … Continue reading ATOS Bashing Is Just a Fad