Happy New Year

At start this year of Viewpoint blogs, I want to begin by wishing everything a very new year. I believe despite the doom and gloom of the Economy worldwide and the total mayhem of the UK Government, this is going to be a very good year if we approach it the right way.I used to … Continue reading Happy New Year

R is for … Radical

R is for radical and at times, many people do consider my views to be radical and I would acknowledge I am more forward thinking. I would however that while the claims and statements look like they require a leap of faith, I believe that are based on my own brand of logic which are … Continue reading R is for … Radical


The alphabet is a very useful tool and to make people remember by brands, I must sure each one begins with a different letter, making my own alphabet as shown below. Each logo links to more information on the brand. So here its goes;A is for B is forC is for D is for E is for G is … Continue reading My ABC