Disabled people need a Plan B-Z when they travel

Like everyone else, I was concerned to read about the difficulties faced by out-of-order accessible toilets on a train, and the now infamous incident at the start of the year was certainly something that warranted a strong complaint. However, I did feel the media did take it too far, once again using it as an opportunity … Continue reading Disabled people need a Plan B-Z when they travel

A Greater Anglian failure

I have been using trains throughout the UK and Internationally for 25 years from a time I was walking to now as an electric wheelchair user. I am the type of impaired rail user who never books assistance because I have found that with a smile and a friendly attitude, staff are often 99% happy … Continue reading A Greater Anglian failure

Transport must continuously improve

  I am a big fan of public transport and almost a geek when it comes to the architecture of transport. I love how train stations and other transport systems are continuously improving and more importantly becoming more accessible to people with various impairments. Public transport has improved so much in the last twenty years and … Continue reading Transport must continuously improve