Review:ReadWrite Gold for Mac

ReadWrite Gold is potentially a very powerful collection of tools to assist people with language difficulties to improve their read and writing while on the go, working with apps like Microsoft Word. However, the software is badly let down by its primitive 1990s style interface, which is very off-putting and makes the app feel like … Continue reading Review:ReadWrite Gold for Mac

Review: iReadWrite

iReadWrite is a neat word processor app for the iPad with powerful speech and word prediction capabilities. For people with speech or language difficulties, these makes a simple communication aid that is quick and simple to use. The word prediction side bar offers a seamlessly unlimited list of words that can be swiped onto the … Continue reading Review: iReadWrite

Everyone Should Have a Voice

The personal communication between each other is a central part of what makes us human but for some disabled people who have no speech, speech impairments or other speech or language difficulties, the ability and indeed right to communicate with others can be significantly compromised and this is where the need for argumentative and alternative … Continue reading Everyone Should Have a Voice

Why Can’t Disabled People Be Positive?

My all-time favourite song and my personal theme tune is Proud by Heather Small, because it sums up how I feel about my life and who I am as someone with cerebral palsy. I believe the media along with the disability charities and many activists has polarised the lives of disabled people, where we are either heroic … Continue reading Why Can’t Disabled People Be Positive?