The oppressive roots of the paralympics

I have not been watching the Paralympics, not because I do not have admiration for our athletes, but simply because I have never enjoyed watching any kind of sport. I have always enjoyed taking part in a range of sports, knowing I may not be good at it as it is about having fun for … Continue reading The oppressive roots of the paralympics

Windsurfing sitting down

As you read this, I will be on my way to Belgium to attend an international disabled windsurfing camp. I was always fascinated by windsurfing but I wondered how on earth I would be able to do it since standing up, my balance is so poor. When I had the idea that actually I could … Continue reading Windsurfing sitting down

Was the Paralympics that positive?

As the anniversary of the Paralympics approaches I am becoming tired of hearing the question of whether its 'legacy' has made any lasting affect on disabled people. The games were just a sporting event and a public display of medical model elitism that actually not the utopian dream people have imagined the games were. I felt … Continue reading Was the Paralympics that positive?

The darker side of the paralympics

While last year's paralympics games were hailed us a symbol of disability utopia by the disability elite, when they were not complaining about the smallest of problems, I believe they hijacked the publicity of the games for political gain when they had no interest in sport before the games and since them. The reality of … Continue reading The darker side of the paralympics