How I confronted my trolls

The response of social media towards the stealing of my trike. where my original post was shared over 24000 times, demonstrated the positive activity of social media that is possible and it was the sole reason that the trike was found and returned. However, it was only a few weeks before this that I was … Continue reading How I confronted my trolls


Saying ‘you can not harm the disabled’ is harmful

I used to equate independent living for people with impairments as the end of Black slavery in terms of liberation politics, but the sad reality is it was merely a small colony of slaves who broke free, which I myself followed as a young man, leaving everyone else behind still enslaved. The recent debate in … Continue reading Saying ‘you can not harm the disabled’ is harmful

We Must Expect More From Disabled People

I think one of my biggest frustrations with society in terms of disability is the naturally low expectations the public has for what disabled people can and indeed should achieve. While everyone talks about the equality of disabled people, the reality is we are perceived as inferior beings, less capable of achieving what most people … Continue reading We Must Expect More From Disabled People

Why Can’t Disabled People Be Positive?

My all-time favourite song and my personal theme tune is Proud by Heather Small, because it sums up how I feel about my life and who I am as someone with cerebral palsy. I believe the media along with the disability charities and many activists has polarised the lives of disabled people, where we are either heroic … Continue reading Why Can’t Disabled People Be Positive?

A computing future

Computers has been a central part of my liberation as a contributing citizens and while I am not a geek, I am always keen to predict the future of computing, which is always a hard one. The tablet is already revolutionising the way we work with computers, making the mouse and keyboard obsolete. With cloud based computing, … Continue reading A computing future