What is a Personal Assistant?

For many years disabled people, like myself, who have needed care and support have employed personal assistants (PA), using monies from the government, instead of using care agencies. While disabled people once had to fight hard to employ a PA, in recent years the government has recognised the benefits they bring as they have encouraged … Continue reading What is a Personal Assistant?

Needs vs entitlements

I believe there is a big difference between needs and entitlements in terms of both welfare benefits and social care. I see entitlement has someone people get between of specific labels given to them from various tick box assessments. The entitlements are often fixed amounts opt benefits or services which go somewhere to compensate people … Continue reading Needs vs entitlements

The 15 minute support call

A few weeks ago I attended a major disability conference where the Chief executive of Leonard Cheshire Disability was talking about her concerns about 15 minute care calls asking the audience if they all agreed that it was wrong to have these 'limiting' calls. While it was asked as a reciprocal question, I could not … Continue reading The 15 minute support call

All quiet on the disability front?

I do not know if it is just me but it seems very quiet on the disability front. We are still getting the endless 'victimhood' articles in the liberal media portraying disabled people are unemployable objects of pity for the benefit of middle class charities but it is just now boring and I believe other … Continue reading All quiet on the disability front?

Health and social care together

I believe the labour party may have it correct when they are considering merging health and social care together especially now social care have moved beyond warehousing people either in care homes or indeed their own homes. Enablement and empowerment should be key components to secondary care solutions after acute medical solutions. It is indeed … Continue reading Health and social care together

Residential care in 2013

Those who are attacking the government for closing the Independent Living Fund are using the idea of residential care as a metaphor for something worth than death as they portray a level of institutionalisation from the 1970s, but it is fair to portray residential care in this way. While it is not my personal choice … Continue reading Residential care in 2013

How would my ideas on social care work for me?

I am aware I have some quite radical ideas about social care that would change the way a lot of person receive support, potentially reducing the amount their receive while still dramatically improving the quality of their life, and I accept that would include myself. Unlike many people who talk up ideas until its affects … Continue reading How would my ideas on social care work for me?