Changing the Conversation on Disability

The politics of disability used to be about achieving equality and inclusion as contributing citizens but in 2010 the welfare reforms changed everything. The charities, supported by a whole host of new generation sick and disabled activists have ripped up the equality agenda and replaced it with a list of demands that see disabled people … Continue reading Changing the Conversation on Disability

Is Solidarity an Excuse for Disabled People Not to Work?

As someone who was born with cerebral palsy, I discovered the old 'disability movement' when I went to University at 18 in 1992. I quickly saw this unelected and unaccountable body as a way for a minority to dictate to the majority. I quickly understood the Solidarity others find so precious was actually quite oppressive. … Continue reading Is Solidarity an Excuse for Disabled People Not to Work?

Sick people used to get better

As well as being a state of being, sickness is also an activity that society requires people to do in exchange for being financially supported while they are unable. The goal was and I would hope still remains of any sick person is to get better or reach a state where a condition is as … Continue reading Sick people used to get better

What happened to rehab?

With all this talk about sickness and disability, I must myself what happened in the notion of rehabilitation? I know as a huge supporter of the social model I never thought I would be interested in rehab but I someone went through the process four years ago, after fighting for it, I understand what it … Continue reading What happened to rehab?

The sick are not special

In the last three years, born out of the welfare reform, has been a minority movement building to redefine long term 'sickness' as a special kind of impairment that does not fill into the rights and responsibility of the social model, but wish instead to call for new social policy based on a tragedy model … Continue reading The sick are not special

Wellbeing is a new concept

While wellness is now seen as a basic human right, it is actually a relevancy new concept in the history of mankind and it is certainly a product of the 20th Century and the creation of the NHS. The century saw a unhelpful belief that science could cure anything and this saw the rise of … Continue reading Wellbeing is a new concept

Sickness and the Social Model

I have heard to said by a few people like 'sickness' as opposed to 'impairment' does not fit into the social model because the experience of sickness is 'so much worse'. I believe this is incorrect and somewhat arrogant on many levels.Its firstly assume impairment is easy and 'can be fixed' by the social environment … Continue reading Sickness and the Social Model

The insults from the sick

Recently my blogs have been receiving comments from people who define themselves as 'sick' as well as my usual band of not-so-nice fans, and it is interesting the insults they feel impelled to give me. None of the insults upset me and more likely amuse me as they often demonstrate the prejudices they have for … Continue reading The insults from the sick

The sick’s dislike of disabled people

I have been carefully observing the language that is being used about disability and the welfare reforms. Now I am coming to conclusion that there is a dislike of disabled people by many people who are 'sick'. I define someone who is sick as someone with a long term condition that may have had an initial … Continue reading The sick’s dislike of disabled people