Is the third sector making a mockery of research?

While I was in the hospital over the summer, I started to watch BBC Breakfast, out of boredom as opposed to anything else. Around 8.40am each morning, they had a 'general information' piece which often involved someone important from a charity talking about their latest research, backed up by a few personal stories from individuals … Continue reading Is the third sector making a mockery of research?

Old research to ignore the facts

I find it very interesting how many statements by user led charities and others are currently being made based on evidence and research which is out of date. I feel this is used to ignore the facts of where we are in the evolution of disability as a sociology.The charities are very selective in the … Continue reading Old research to ignore the facts

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

While it is very true to say that Maths never lie, the problem with research generally is the questions being asked. Two pieces of research on exactly the same issue can bring very different results because they have asked the questions in very different results.To understand research, you must understand the context in which it … Continue reading Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Corrupted Evidence

So many sweeping statements are made about what disabled people need and how discriminated they are by this or take policy based on every mounting so-called research and evidence. But when you really examine this evidence, it is weak and corrupted to suit the wishes of the 'campaigner' who motives are often money rather than … Continue reading Corrupted Evidence