Is this the end of the Huffington Post revolution?

It is incredible to believe it has been five years since I was blogging for the Huffington Post on a weekly and even twice weekly basis on the topics I wanted to talk about. The way the Huffington Post allowed so many people with different viewpoints on so many different issues to have voice felt like … Continue reading Is this the end of the Huffington Post revolution?

Why does the media treat disability like a fetish?

Did you see the documentary about 'the boys with 3 eyes'? No? Well I made it up so very unlikely you did see it, but documentaries about extreme impairments, with titles very similar to the one I have just made up, have been produced for television since before I can remember. While the traditional freak … Continue reading Why does the media treat disability like a fetish?

The media has to take its share of the blame for benefit suicides

The welfare reforms has had a lot of criticism, but the harshest has been the accusation that the work capacity assessment has resulted in some people committing suicide. Activists and the media have highlighted a number of cases they believe shows the government is responsible and want the government to be made accountable for them.My … Continue reading The media has to take its share of the blame for benefit suicides

They assume unemployability

I fear that when the media, especially the middle class media, talks about disabled people especially in terms of the welfare reforms, they assume disabled people are unemployable. I know I keep returning to this issue but until people get it, it is important to understand.I hate the pity which is trusted upon disabled people … Continue reading They assume unemployability

Hate speech or just telling the truth?

I am becoming increasing concerned that the focus of hate crime has turned into an attack of telling the truth in terms of disability issues and specially the amount of people who are taking unfair advantage of the benefit system by using their impairment as an excuse not to work or take responsibility for their … Continue reading Hate speech or just telling the truth?

End of Free Speech?

While I agree with some level of press regulation, there are some aspects of the Leveson report I am concerned about. One of these will be to enable "3rd parties" to make complaints on the so-called accuracy of news reports. By 3rd party, this makes any organisation who claims to have the authority to represent … Continue reading End of Free Speech?

The right to defend myself

Before anyone panics I must make it clear this blog has nothing to do with having a gun and shooting people in my own home, but rather the right to intellectually defend my belief system when I believe they are being attacked by others in the news and on blogs.I have reached a point in my … Continue reading The right to defend myself

Reclaiming the term ‘Spaz’

Spaz is slang for spastic and can be seen as a derogatory term in by major of cases but for some people with cerebral palsy, including myself, it can be a term to be reclaimed as a part of our identity.I often called me a proud spaz or the Proud Spaz because it embraces the freak … Continue reading Reclaiming the term ‘Spaz’

The right to judge

Regardless of what people say, we all have the right to make  judgements on how we perceive situations so long as we understand others will take our judgements in the context of their own understanding of issues. A judgement has to be considered on what we think based on our own knowledge, expertise and experience … Continue reading The right to judge