Has Independent Living failed to deliver?

Independent Living has been hailed has one of the greatest achievements of the Disabled People's movement, but has it failed to deliver for the majority of dysabled people in 2016? While there is no doubt independent living policies have benefited those who had the determination to live independently, like myself, I am unsure if it … Continue reading Has Independent Living failed to deliver?

Bibs and Smocks

Bibs and Smocks have always been a part of my life in one way or another and I have been using them long before they were regarded as acceptable. I now wear a neoprene bib at home all the time now, even in bad, because of my dribbling and to protect my chest from any … Continue reading Bibs and Smocks

Disability, wetsuits and drysuits

Many readers may know I love doing all kinds of watersports, any activity that involves wearing a wetsuit or drysuit. However, the downside to watersports for many disabled people in getting into the wetsuit or drysuit.Over the years, I have tried and worn many types of wetsuits, especially as I own quite a few, and … Continue reading Disability, wetsuits and drysuits

A Wasted Opportunity (Independent Living)

When I hear the many greedy demands of people who claim to be disabled, they appear to be almost exactly the demands being made 10 years ago, 20 years ago and even 30 years ago. However Society has radically improved for disabled people in this time but the number of disabled people contribution to society … Continue reading A Wasted Opportunity (Independent Living)