I Wear a Bib With Pride

Because of my level of cerebral palsy and the fact I dribble/drool, I wear a neoprene bib all the time when I am at home to keep my clothes cleaner and to prevent chest infections from a damp t-shirt. This is a personal choice and not everyone with cerebral palsy would need or want to … Continue reading I Wear a Bib With Pride

Lifejackets need crotch straps

As someone who has tried a whole range of water sports throughout my life and as someone who can not swim unaided, I have gained the understanding that an important component of any lifejacket is the crotch strap(s). The strap(s) are important because they stop the jacket from riding up and potentially going off in … Continue reading Lifejackets need crotch straps

Whose dignity?

Within social care, dignity is seem as an important quality to strive for as someone desired by users. There is however a few things to consider here. The first is that if has made dignity an issue then people have made an assumption that social care is naturally indignant and therefore it highlights professionals and … Continue reading Whose dignity?