Planning for Christmas

Now summer is definitely over the next major event to plan for is ofcourse Christmas. Now I have never been a big fan is Christmas because it has too many bad memories of a family I never really got upon. Without close family or anyone to spent Christmas is be choice, and the needs of … Continue reading Planning for Christmas

The fun of wetsuits

I have always loved the water and doing any kind of watersports. As well as swimming, I love all kinds of watersports that actually involve getting wet, and because I get cold easier, I always need to wear some kind of wetsuit even when some people can manage without one and this is why I … Continue reading The fun of wetsuits

Bring Everything Together

In my daydreams, I am always ponding on how this government and society could be improved for the benefit on everyone but in a way that is cost effective. I get frustrated at what I see as the waist of money I see by the fact issues are dealt with separately rather than brought together to … Continue reading Bring Everything Together

Enjoying Coventry

Anyone you have visited Coventry's city centre in the last few weeks will have noticed that there is a lot of change happening, fast change, and for the better. Old payments and roads are being predestrialised and turned into spacious clean square style areas that are a joy to walk over.I feel with my electric … Continue reading Enjoying Coventry