Disabled People Can Work, Rest and Play

I might be showing my age when I say I remember the Mars bar advertising slogan "a Mars a day lets you work, rest and play" but I think it is a perfect way of describing what a balanced lifestyle is, in terms of mental wellbeing. I would like to propose that disabled people need … Continue reading Disabled People Can Work, Rest and Play

Lifejackets need crotch straps

As someone who has tried a whole range of water sports throughout my life and as someone who can not swim unaided, I have gained the understanding that an important component of any lifejacket is the crotch strap(s). The strap(s) are important because they stop the jacket from riding up and potentially going off in … Continue reading Lifejackets need crotch straps

Disability, wetsuits and drysuits

Many readers may know I love doing all kinds of watersports, any activity that involves wearing a wetsuit or drysuit. However, the downside to watersports for many disabled people in getting into the wetsuit or drysuit.Over the years, I have tried and worn many types of wetsuits, especially as I own quite a few, and … Continue reading Disability, wetsuits and drysuits