Puting the y in Dysability

The terms used to describe dysabled people have radically changed over the last 200 years as many terms are corrupted, with many terms ending up being now used as derogatory insults.The term disability replaced handicapped as the main term in the early 1980s, and it has lasted well, where Disabled people is a wholly accepted term. But … Continue reading Puting the y in Dysability

Why I would never calling myself a cripple

I would never call myself a cripple or a crip because that is not what I am as I am a spastic or a spaz! For me, the medical meaning of cripple relates to a spinal injury or other physical impairment, especially one received after birth as people become crippled.This may seen odd semantics but I … Continue reading Why I would never calling myself a cripple

Using the right terms

I get very concerned when people claim to understand the social model where their use of language makes it very clear that is not the case. There are two terms to describe someone state and in the social model, disability and impairment are very separate things with generate separate identities.Impairment relates to the conditions people have … Continue reading Using the right terms

S is for … Spaz

S is for Spaz and this is a term myself and other people with cerebral palsy have reclaimed and something used to describe ourselves in a light-hearted but powerful manner. I am particularly call myself in specific situations "Proud Spaz" as I believe it sums up how positively I feel about myself as an unique … Continue reading S is for … Spaz