Choice and Control and what else?

 Choice and control are often regarded as key goals for people with impairments to achieve and they have been key campaigning issues for the independence living movement for many years. While I agree that choice and control are important to the process of inclusion, they are only a stepping stone to the real outcomes we … Continue reading Choice and Control and what else?

What the hell is Inclusion?

Now I have reframed my job as an inclusion consultant, I thought it was important for me to properly explain what I mean by the term. While inclusion is often used in terms of the education of children with impairments, I am using the term to relate to providing all people with impairments an equal … Continue reading What the hell is Inclusion?

We should push disabled people to achieve their potential

We should have the same expectations of people with impairments as we have for everyone else. If paid employment is not the end goal, than it is the means to enjoying other aspects of life. It should not be a case of wanting to work, but more about having a responsibility to work, and reaching your full potential. While I am aware that the practicalities of doing this is not fully in place currently, we should ensure that the right attitude exists, which I believe is not the case.

How many people really understand inclusion?

I have always assumed that other activists shared my understanding of inclusion, as they have been saying the right words that led me to my understanding over the last twenty years. I have therefore been confused and frustrated to understand why in recent years they have radically changed their tune, now focusing on welfare issues … Continue reading How many people really understand inclusion?

Has Labour lost its natural friendship with disabled people?

On my wall I have the back of one of my business cards signed by Tony Blair (in Blue) and the late Tony Benn (in red). I got their autographs at a lobby for Roger Berry's Disability Rights Private Members Bill in 1994, which failed but it was the start of a whole raft of … Continue reading Has Labour lost its natural friendship with disabled people?

A wellness and inclusion agenda

I would argue that Wellness and Inclusion can be the two themes which social policy needs to focus on to achieved a positive future for disabled people and everything. For me, wellness is about supporting people not to go backwards to their journeys of life while inclusion is about supporting people to move forward.In the … Continue reading A wellness and inclusion agenda

Has Inclusion been put on hold?

I believe inclusion in the widest sense is my goal as an disability activist. For me, it is about removing the barriers of disability so people are impairments can as equal life opportunities and experiences as anyone else. It is not a right but a responsibility of everyone.The fact is I fear the user led … Continue reading Has Inclusion been put on hold?

The sick’s dislike of disabled people

I have been carefully observing the language that is being used about disability and the welfare reforms. Now I am coming to conclusion that there is a dislike of disabled people by many people who are 'sick'. I define someone who is sick as someone with a long term condition that may have had an initial … Continue reading The sick’s dislike of disabled people