Can we really measure disability?

One of the biggest problem with current and indeed future disability related benefit is that it tries to measure disability, as oppose to impairment, and then try to put absolute lines between who is disabled and who is not disabled, where a fixed uncalculated amount of money is provided to those who cross the line … Continue reading Can we really measure disability?

Death by liberalism?

I used to consider myself a liberal until I realised it was a out of touch thinking which remains the luxury of the true middle class as I play chess and intellectualise the lives of others. Please understand that I do believe in many of the principals of liberalism like fairness and equal but in … Continue reading Death by liberalism?

Has Cerebral Palsy been knocked off the agenda?

The politics of Disability has been a replication of Animal Farm, where some impairments are more equal than others. For years it was people with spinal injuries on top, but how those on top are often are disabled people that will not disclose their impairment and shout hate crime if anyone gets anywhere near finding … Continue reading Has Cerebral Palsy been knocked off the agenda?

Disability and Sickness must not Unite!

The recent battles over welfare reforms have created a new movement of people who describe themselves as disabled people are I would argue actually long term sick or just impaired, and this has really muddied the waters on the term 'disabled people' as it is abused for everyone's benefits except maybe disabled people.While it is … Continue reading Disability and Sickness must not Unite!