Saying ‘you can not harm the disabled’ is harmful

I used to equate independent living for people with impairments as the end of Black slavery in terms of liberation politics, but the sad reality is it was merely a small colony of slaves who broke free, which I myself followed as a young man, leaving everyone else behind still enslaved. The recent debate in … Continue reading Saying ‘you can not harm the disabled’ is harmful

What Does Disability Mean Anyway?

In 1999 I started a MA in Disability Studies in Sheffield that I gave up after a year because it was bias towards psychoanalysis, something I really could not get my head around. I however gained a lot from the experience and the first lesson I learnt was that within disability, there are two basic … Continue reading What Does Disability Mean Anyway?

The Barriers to Disabled People’s Happiness

I strongly believe that everyone has the opportunity to achieve happiness if they wish it, including disabled people. By happiness, I mean a natural contentment, a level of inner stability and a positive outlook that enables people to deal with anything that life throws at them. It is not a perfect state of bliss but … Continue reading The Barriers to Disabled People’s Happiness

Unfit is the new ‘n’ word

What I find shocking is how so many so-called  disabled people now fight for their lives to be labelled 'unfit'. I feel unfit is not just a term they argue is about paid employment, but is rather a term that implies someone is unfit for all aspects of society. Once this negative and destructive term … Continue reading Unfit is the new ‘n’ word

The sick are not special

In the last three years, born out of the welfare reform, has been a minority movement building to redefine long term 'sickness' as a special kind of impairment that does not fill into the rights and responsibility of the social model, but wish instead to call for new social policy based on a tragedy model … Continue reading The sick are not special

Why I would never calling myself a cripple

I would never call myself a cripple or a crip because that is not what I am as I am a spastic or a spaz! For me, the medical meaning of cripple relates to a spinal injury or other physical impairment, especially one received after birth as people become crippled.This may seen odd semantics but I … Continue reading Why I would never calling myself a cripple

My Experiences of Pain

I imagine many of my readers assume when I say people with chronic illnesses can work, I am talking ideologically with no personal experience but that is not the case. As well as mild bipolar all my life, 4 years ago I suffered an acute nerve virus which left me paralysed for 6 months. While my function has … Continue reading My Experiences of Pain

What does ‘being too ill’ look like?

Time after time I am hearing people on sickness benefits say it is okay for disabled people because they just has functional problems and we are too ill to work. But what does that actually mean?I define work in the widest sense and as a basic, if you are able to use the internet then … Continue reading What does ‘being too ill’ look like?