Being Unpopular

 I have always preferred to be right according to my values and beliefs rather than be popular and since writing for the Huffington Post, I have certainly become infamous and unpopular for telling things as I see them. While some of the veil comments I have received have been hurtful, they have not really bothered … Continue reading Being Unpopular

I feel I have a voice

One of the things that gets my frustrated and annoyed is when I read news or commentary articles online which I really find inaccurate and helpful to say the least. For example, right now, disabled people are only often written about in terms of welfare benefits when anyone who claims to be disabled in regarded … Continue reading I feel I have a voice

My disability identity is 100% solid

I regard my impairment and being disabled as two distinct identities. My impairment is cerebral palsy, which is a stable visible conditions which has a strong identity in its own right. I am proud to have cerebral palsy and I have very happy with who are am as someone who will always have cp.My disability … Continue reading My disability identity is 100% solid

Being a coconut

The way many disabled people appear to be hypersensitive to everything, putting anything bad in their lives down to discrimination and hate crime because they are disabled, reminds me of how many black people were in the early 90s in terms of racism. This therefore gives me hope things may improve as disabled people are more included … Continue reading Being a coconut