If I had £14m

If I had £14m, which is unlikely happy to happen especially since I do not play the lottery or gamble in any way, I would certainly be set up for life. I would firstly ensure the few people who have really supported me are rewards and any old debts I may have are cleared. I … Continue reading If I had £14m

My vision for Disability

You must know by now I am optimised and so of course I have a bright vision for the future of disabled people. Unlike many other 'activists' who wallow in doom and gloom, I believe disabled people are on the way to full inclusion if only they saw the opportunities around them.The journey ahead is not … Continue reading My vision for Disability

A National Transport Service

One of my big  ideas is a new coordinated integration inclusion and accessible national transport service called Connect. I know people may argue it already exists but I want to take it to the next step, making public transport in the UK the first choice for the majority of people.For me, accessible step-free transport is … Continue reading A National Transport Service