Surely we all want Best Value for public monies?

I read wih dismay and frustration at the Charity Sector's response to the government's proposal that monies given to Charities by government organisations for services should not be used for lobbying. The Charity sector claim this is a vow of silence as they represent 'the vulnerable' against the Big Bad Government. But lets just clarify … Continue reading Surely we all want Best Value for public monies?

Build a new independent Scotland?

I am not Scottish and I clearly do not live in Scotland, although my parents did live there for a while. I also have no interest in the politics of the potential independence of Scotland although I am interested in the practical implications of building a whole new country as I have always been interested … Continue reading Build a new independent Scotland?

If this was a Labour government

If we had a Labour Government implementing the necessary welfare reforms instead of the Coalition government, would people be reacting with so much hostility? Well, I have come to the conclusion that probably not and that a lot of the so-called anti-cuts protests or in fact anti-tory protests by trade unionists, socialists and those institutionalised … Continue reading If this was a Labour government

Citizen Involvement is key

I believe in order to successfully turn the bigger government policies into detailed effective practice, it is  important to involve the citizens the policy will affect in all stages of its development and implementation. This is about going far beyond what is often meaningless consultations and actually involve citizens as partners in the policy, taking … Continue reading Citizen Involvement is key

Complaints or Constructive Criticism

Its could be argued that a lot of people find it easy to complain, but if you really want to make a change than you need to provide constructive criticism. I regard complaining as simply saying what is wrong with something in your opinion, so what you do not like. But what does this actually … Continue reading Complaints or Constructive Criticism

Well, the taxpayers pays for everything, don’t they?!

This was the remark made by a fellow ILF users and so-called activists when I challenged her to why she supported the high court case, as a waste of money, and I think it is a remark which really sums up the arrogance that now exists within the so-called movement. We have a generation of … Continue reading Well, the taxpayers pays for everything, don’t they?!