Supporting moderate needs

Many charities have started to focus on moderate needs as a mechanism to campaign for the government to increase the social care budget even though any increase is more likely to be spent on increased fees as opposed to helping anyone. My concern and why I appear to be heartless, is that it would be … Continue reading Supporting moderate needs

The small things is life

For many disabled people, it is not the big things like rights and policies that makes the real difference in their lives, but rather it is the small things that really matter and can be life changing. For this, I mean things like small pieces of equipment or clothes, like bibs and swimming nappies, within … Continue reading The small things is life

There is always a choice

I often hear people say that they had no choice when they were faced with a specific situation but when we really examine it, I believe there is always a choice in anything we do. The thing is any choice comes with consequences whether may be good and bad and therefore we avoid some choices … Continue reading There is always a choice

Feeding Dependency

The big problem I have with disability charities, user-led charities and indeed protest groups in that they are dependent on the dependency of disabled people for their existence. By dependency I mean a state where someone sees themselves as a victim and unable to make decisions for themselves without the physical or emotional support of … Continue reading Feeding Dependency

Supporting people through recovery

I feel one of the problems with how some disabled people are responding to the welfare reforms is that why we do not support people during the recovery period of an sudden onset of sickness and residual impairment. I should explain for those who may not know, as well as having cerebral palsy from birth, … Continue reading Supporting people through recovery

Supporting Carers and Users as Families

As the Care and Support white paper has finally been launched as a disjointed patchwork of half baked ideas and existing policies, one thing which concerns me is the potential impact of the fact carers will have entitlements to support in own right. While this is quite laudable, the problem for me is that it … Continue reading Supporting Carers and Users as Families

Celebrating the Individual

As an 1980s I was brought up under Thatchererism and while Margaret Thatcher policies were not always popular, they were passionate. One thing think I did get from her is the power of the individual to succeed. She was the queen of enterprise and the small businessman in a way I do believe we have seen … Continue reading Celebrating the Individual