Can people be more positive?

On social media and in other forums, I meet a lot of people, especially disabled people, who are quite negative about their situation and I must wonder to myself, can people be possible? I strongly believe that attitude is everything and for example it is not often the amount of money that causes poverty but … Continue reading Can people be more positive?


The onion exercise

I was first introduced to the Onion Exercise when I was at an 'European Human Bridges' youth seminar in Stockholm in 1997. The exercise immediately struck a chord with myself and it is now an exercise I use when I am assisting people to develop themselves and especially their  personal identity. The exercise uses an onion … Continue reading The onion exercise

Time to for real disabled people to fight back

It is time for real disabled people to fight back, not against the government but the extremist socialist groups like Disabled People against Cuts and Black Triangle, who have stolen the voice of disabled people and turned it into a weapon of hatred against the government and anyone else who stands in their way.  The last … Continue reading Time to for real disabled people to fight back

The difference between care and support

Within social care many people including those in government talk about care and support like they are the same thing when I feel they are slightly different and relate well to my understanding of wellbeing and inclusion.In the context, I see care as maintaining wellbeing and ensuring people do not go backwards in terms of … Continue reading The difference between care and support

What could meaningful contribution look like?

I talk all the time about meaningful contribution to society but what do I mean and what could it look like? It is very clear I do not just mean employment but a much wider concept where it is about the effort someone puts in rather than the attainment.So it could also include education, employment, … Continue reading What could meaningful contribution look like?