Inclusive Education is not enough

Most disability activists support the idea of inclusive education in principle, but I would question how sincere they are. If activists, often with a pro-welfare bias are calling for many adults with impairments to be deemed naturally unable to work, what is the message being given to young people about their prospects? Why provide people … Continue reading Inclusive Education is not enough

We Must Expect More From Disabled People

I think one of my biggest frustrations with society in terms of disability is the naturally low expectations the public has for what disabled people can and indeed should achieve. While everyone talks about the equality of disabled people, the reality is we are perceived as inferior beings, less capable of achieving what most people … Continue reading We Must Expect More From Disabled People

What Does Disability Mean Anyway?

In 1999 I started a MA in Disability Studies in Sheffield that I gave up after a year because it was bias towards psychoanalysis, something I really could not get my head around. I however gained a lot from the experience and the first lesson I learnt was that within disability, there are two basic … Continue reading What Does Disability Mean Anyway?

Mainstream Education Is So Important for Disabled Children

For over a century the majority of disabled children have been educated in special schools, excluded from their non-disabled peers. It is only in the last 30 years that this has started to change as more disabled children have been increasingly been given the right to a mainstream education as this form of apartheid is … Continue reading Mainstream Education Is So Important for Disabled Children

Changing the Conversation on Disability

The politics of disability used to be about achieving equality and inclusion as contributing citizens but in 2010 the welfare reforms changed everything. The charities, supported by a whole host of new generation sick and disabled activists have ripped up the equality agenda and replaced it with a list of demands that see disabled people … Continue reading Changing the Conversation on Disability

Why do we bother educating disabled people?

Many disabled people with live long conditions consider themselves unable or unfit for work and can be assessed and tested accordingly, currently writing them off as able of make any contribution to society. So why do we not go a step further and use ATOS to assess people to see if they were worthy of … Continue reading Why do we bother educating disabled people?

Should we write disabled people off?

On Thursday I attended the Disability Confident confidence and I was stuck by what Iain Duncan Smith said about how the benefit system fails many disabled people, regarding them as unable to work, and this was the crime, not the fact people are being declared fit when society is happy to accept an individual's believe … Continue reading Should we write disabled people off?

What could meaningful contribution look like?

I talk all the time about meaningful contribution to society but what do I mean and what could it look like? It is very clear I do not just mean employment but a much wider concept where it is about the effort someone puts in rather than the attainment.So it could also include education, employment, … Continue reading What could meaningful contribution look like?

Education for all

I believe fundamentally that everyone should get a proper education. I am however sure many disabled children in special schools are not receiving the education they deserve especially as it is hard to prove whether the schools supports  academically and social weak adults or rather they  create them.My argument against special schools is it failed … Continue reading Education for all