Living in my own anger???

A few weeks ago someone commented that I was living in my own anger, just one of many insults I get for speaking my mind by people who can not attack my argument so they attack me. It however got me thinking. I think many people indeed write blogs and comments to blogs with little consequences for … Continue reading Living in my own anger???

Silent Knights

A silent knight is someone who contributes good into the world in a way no one recognises or will ever realise. These are not so much unsung heros as unsung heros are public in their contributions and the value they provide is measured in a very middle class simplistic manner of how others perceive good deeds.  A silent knight … Continue reading Silent Knights

O is for Outrageous

O is for Outrageous and I was asked by a friend to share a link with you about how psychoanalysts in France see Autism. is a very well made and informative documentary which I shall not explain in detail as the ideas it highlights do not warrant additional attention. It is however about psychoanalysts talk total nonsense and … Continue reading O is for Outrageous