Disabled people can be funny

 Many readers will know I starred in Channel four's disability prank show, I'm Spazticus. The show has been a success but it has also caused controversy. What is however worrying is what people on twitter and even on BBC local radio ask whether it is okay to 'laugh to disabled people'. The question is not … Continue reading Disabled people can be funny

Lets help the patronising

One group of people which has been forgotten in these hard times is the patronising. This awful incurable emotional disease is clearly on the rise and can affect adults from all backgrounds at any time without warning. Suffers feel uncontrollable urges to say things they should not, causing offence when none was intended while people … Continue reading Lets help the patronising

S is for … Spaz

S is for Spaz and this is a term myself and other people with cerebral palsy have reclaimed and something used to describe ourselves in a light-hearted but powerful manner. I am particularly call myself in specific situations "Proud Spaz" as I believe it sums up how positively I feel about myself as an unique … Continue reading S is for … Spaz