Telling the truth

One of the things I think some people do not like about me, while others may appreciate, is that I say what I see in a factual way and I tell the truth how I perceive it even it is uncomfortable. I am very good at seeing both the bigger picture and the small detail.I am not … Continue reading Telling the truth

A vision for 2013

Last year was about re-established my presence on the political map of disability after recovering from some difficult years, which I believe I did very well. This year is about using my new political mite to being more proactive in making some positive changes within government and other organisations in my own unique direct way … Continue reading A vision for 2013


The alphabet is a very useful tool and to make people remember by brands, I must sure each one begins with a different letter, making my own alphabet as shown below. Each logo links to more information on the brand. So here its goes;A is for B is forC is for D is for E is for G is … Continue reading My ABC