People with cerebral palsy deserve their own ‘homeland’

People with cerebral palsy deserve their own 'homeland'For many years I have regarded my identity as a disabled person as being something very different to my identity as someone with cerebral palsy. I see who we are as a whole collection of identity labels that fluctuate depending on the situation we are in including our … Continue reading People with cerebral palsy deserve their own ‘homeland’

Don’t forget the Spastics

I am very aware that the majority of readers will find the term 'spastic' derogatory but the reason I used it was it attract you to this article about cerebral palsy. The term was once very acceptable and before 1994, Scope was called the Spastics Society. My full medical condition is Spastic Quadriplegia Athetoid, which … Continue reading Don’t forget the Spastics

Everyone Should Have a Voice

The personal communication between each other is a central part of what makes us human but for some disabled people who have no speech, speech impairments or other speech or language difficulties, the ability and indeed right to communicate with others can be significantly compromised and this is where the need for argumentative and alternative … Continue reading Everyone Should Have a Voice

ATOS Bashing Is Just a Fad

Over the last few weeks I have noticed a number of supposed news articles which appear to call for public anger at the legitimate process of claiming disability benefits rather than any apparent failures of the system. These lead me to suspect that it is now a trend and even fashion to find anything to … Continue reading ATOS Bashing Is Just a Fad

Why do some people seen resentful of cerebral palsy?

The politics of impairment is really complex and while many disabled activists that disabled people are an united group with common goals, this is far from the truth and there have always been tensions between differing impairment groups as one person fails the under the needs of other. In this context and after recent events, … Continue reading Why do some people seen resentful of cerebral palsy?