If #wowpetition wants to be taken serious

So the Wowpetition has got its signatures and it had its ‘debate’, where all the MPs said the right words in the hope of winning votes, but what has it achieved? Nothing so far, because what has been happening with ATOS has nothing to do to their ‘campaigning’ but more to do with wider issues. … Continue reading If #wowpetition wants to be taken serious

Campaigning Is the Modern Tear Jerker

There was a time, before the 1990s, where all disability charities had to do to raise money was put a disabled person, ideally a child, on a poster looking pitiful and describe how miserable their lives were to be on a winner. Then disabled people started to have a voice and made it very clear … Continue reading Campaigning Is the Modern Tear Jerker

The Barriers to Disabled People’s Happiness

I strongly believe that everyone has the opportunity to achieve happiness if they wish it, including disabled people. By happiness, I mean a natural contentment, a level of inner stability and a positive outlook that enables people to deal with anything that life throws at them. It is not a perfect state of bliss but … Continue reading The Barriers to Disabled People’s Happiness

They huff and puff

Regular readers will have realised that as well as doing this blog, I am also now also blogging for the Huffington Post on a weekly to twice weekly basis, this is a very interesting experience, It is interesting that some of my articles so far has received few comments while other articles have received many … Continue reading They huff and puff

The discriminating activists

I always find it interested how people do call themselves disability activists, a time which has become more popular in the last few years, actually understand very little about disability and have quite worrying views once you scratch the surface. As a disability activist, as well as a consultant, for over 20 years I understand disability … Continue reading The discriminating activists