Why must disabled people think small?

When it comes of disabled people and enterprise, the current thinking seems to be big small. They are not encouraged to set up a business, with the desire of world domination, but rather social enterprises, which appears to be seem as "a good try" with very low expectations of succeed placed upon it.Social Enterprises are … Continue reading Why must disabled people think small?

Better Customer Service for all

It is very easy for group or another group to say they want things better for them but the real trick is to make customer service better for everyone. As a disability consultant, I have always been keen to promote the idea that it is in best interests of businesses, in terms of profit, to … Continue reading Better Customer Service for all


The alphabet is a very useful tool and to make people remember by brands, I must sure each one begins with a different letter, making my own alphabet as shown below. Each logo links to more information on the brand. So here its goes;A is for B is forC is for D is for E is for G is … Continue reading My ABC