Attitudes towards disabled people matters

 Last night. I watched Channel 4’s exploration of political correctness and how in some areas it has become the new vehicle of oppression. The programme did not really touch on the area of disability, although I have seen myself how political correctness has been significantly harmful for people with impairments in ways few people really … Continue reading Attitudes towards disabled people matters


The truth about disability and the Scroungers rhetoric

One reoccurring theme that has plagued this government’s welfare policy is an accusation that they, along with their ‘right wing’ media, are responsible for unnecessarily labelling disabled people as ‘Scroungers’. The accusation has been successfully used by activists and charities alike to reframe sick and disabled people as victims, suggesting it is practically immoral to … Continue reading The truth about disability and the Scroungers rhetoric

Half empty or Half Full?

The old phrase of whether a glass of water is half empty or half full is very interesting as people must make a decision, there is no middle ground, no sitting on the fence. The glass of water is a metaphor for how people say life and whether they have chosen to see be always … Continue reading Half empty or Half Full?

A Social responsibility to be positive

Without wanting to blow my own trumpet, I am a role model for other disabled people because of my work and my growing influence. I therefore feel I have a social responsibility to be positive and I feel this extends of many well known disabled people and activists. If a well known black people like Lenny … Continue reading A Social responsibility to be positive

We can all give a sob story

I believe that if it is so desired, it is possible for anyone to give a sob story for their situation, whatever situation that may be, but is that really always helpful for anyone?I know I keep coming back to this point but I believe a positive attitude can overcome many of the barriers because … Continue reading We can all give a sob story