This is my life

This is potentially the most important article I have ever wrote. If you are reading this then I assume you know a little bit about who I am. On paper, I am an internationally respected disability consultant and activist, and its a title I find humbling as I am just being myself its something I … Continue reading This is my life

Hospital and Identity

  I have written a number of articles in recent times about hospitals and this one could be regarded as the dessert. I should explain I am not annoyed at hospitals; the staff work hard and do their best. However, when you are a complex user, it remains difficult due to no one fault. I … Continue reading Hospital and Identity

Hospitals and Eugenics

Introductiom   As an internationally recognised disability consultant, trainer and most importantly, activist, I have always strongly opposed all forms of eugenics. In 1995, aged 21, I was endlessly watching about parents wanting to kill their young son with cerebral palsy and in frustration I rang the news service, ITN, demanding they interview me, and … Continue reading Hospitals and Eugenics