Reflections of my education

Today SEN in a mainstream environment is widely accepted, but I think it is essential to recognise how things were used to be. I am going to talk about my experiences quite openly, not out of glory or pity but as an example of how things were. I was born in 1974, and I have … Continue reading Reflections of my education

I hate paper straws

There are often mainstream everyday products which can assist various people with impairments with specific needs. Deliveroo and online shopping, as well as banking, are perfect examples of this as technology has assisted in the inclusion of people with impairments. While these solutions are likely to stay for a long time and keep improving, some … Continue reading I hate paper straws

‘Blue badges for all’ is a bad idea

Blue Badges, or disabled parking permits, have existed for almost 50 years, and are recognised around the world, nearly as much as the wheelchair symbol. They were designed to allow wheelchair users and people with other mobility impairments to use often specific parking spaces in car parks, usually closer to the buildings the car park … Continue reading ‘Blue badges for all’ is a bad idea

Why is it okay to pity visibly disabled people?

People with invisible impairments often complain that they do not receive the attention they deserve as well as not receiving the accommodations to meet the needs people with visible impairments seem to receive automatically. But I believe it is a case of believing the grass is greener on the other side. I am sure there … Continue reading Why is it okay to pity visibly disabled people?