Inclusive Education is not enough

Most disability activists support the idea of inclusive education in principle, but I would question how sincere they are. If activists, often with a pro-welfare bias are calling for many adults with impairments to be deemed naturally unable to work, what is the message being given to young people about their prospects? Why provide people … Continue reading Inclusive Education is not enough


A Greater Anglian failure

I have been using trains throughout the UK and Internationally for 25 years from a time I was walking to now as an electric wheelchair user. I am the type of impaired rail user who never books assistance because I have found that with a smile and a friendly attitude, staff are often 99% happy … Continue reading A Greater Anglian failure

Does Scope’s #endtheawkward makes things worse?

On Friday, Scope launched its 2016 divisive campaign called #endtheawkward. The basis of the campaign is that based on its own dodgy research, two-thirds of non-impaired people find interacting with 'disabled people' awkward. So a bunch of non-impaired people as Scope's campaign staff with 'consultation from impaired people' have decided they are qualified to teach … Continue reading Does Scope’s #endtheawkward makes things worse?

Is the third sector making a mockery of research?

While I was in the hospital over the summer, I started to watch BBC Breakfast, out of boredom as opposed to anything else. Around 8.40am each morning, they had a 'general information' piece which often involved someone important from a charity talking about their latest research, backed up by a few personal stories from individuals … Continue reading Is the third sector making a mockery of research?