Labour’s Disablism Problem

In the light of Ken Livingstone's and Naz Shah's suspension over antisemitic comments, which I support, is it now time for the Labour Party to sort out its disablism problem? What do I mean you ask as Labour loves the disabled? Well, not really as Rob Marris, a Labour MP, proposed last year in a private members bill to legalise … Continue reading Labour’s Disablism Problem


The importance of scoring social skills

Social skills are a cornerstone of a civilised society and includes politeness, manners, respect, common decency and everything we are prepared to give and take. For many years, I have had an ad-hoc system of gauging where my relationships with others, especially my personal assistants and volunteers, are. I do not actually keep count or make … Continue reading The importance of scoring social skills

It is important to know how to employ personal assistants

Employing personal assistants to meet social care needs can feel like a complex process and so I am delighted to be able to launch my latest publication, Understand Assistance. Understand Assistance is an e-book guide for People who use Personal Assistants. It is a comprehensive guide exploring every aspect of the employment and management of … Continue reading It is important to know how to employ personal assistants