Has Independent Living failed to deliver?

Independent Living has been hailed has one of the greatest achievements of the Disabled People's movement, but has it failed to deliver for the majority of dysabled people in 2016? While there is no doubt independent living policies have benefited those who had the determination to live independently, like myself, I am unsure if it … Continue reading Has Independent Living failed to deliver?

A fire hazard in Budapest

I have just come back from a nice if not cold break from Budapest, staying with a very close friend I had not seen for a few years. One night I asked if we could go out somewhere and she thought of the nightclub attached to the Full Moon hostel, a new generation of party hostels … Continue reading A fire hazard in Budapest

I want Dysability Action, not Disability Rights

I am not against rights, they are the skeleton of a civilised society, but they do not help you on a Sunday morning where everything is going wrong, and all the 'rights-based' services paid to help you are closed until Monday morning at the earliest! We need rights in place to stop us going backwards to a time where many dysabled people had no place in society, but they are not about delivering real advancements in the life opportunities and experiences of individuals.

It is time for a new Dysability movement

Just before Christmas I watched a very interesting documentary on the rise of Greenpeace as a social movement of action, and fall into bureaucratic numbness. Looking at the current website, I saw an organisation reliant on middle class protest, as opposed to the actions it was founded upon. The story is very  reflective of the … Continue reading It is time for a new Dysability movement