Socialism is a virus and disabled people are suffering

When I think of socialism, I think of Animal Farm and George Orwell’s 1984. I believe in equal opportunities but not the form of equality that leads to social conformity at all costs. Since I grew up under Thatcherism living in what was then the richest town in Britain, Horsham, I have a strong belief … Continue reading Socialism is a virus and disabled people are suffering

A Caring Christmas?

Christmas is a time for families, and a difficult time for those involved in social care. It does not matter whether it is care workers in residential care, agency carers or personal assistants directly working with individuals, the problem is the same, which is that Christmas Day is the one day of the year where … Continue reading A Caring Christmas?

Do Not Slur My Mental Health If You Disagree With Me!

I think anyone who knows me is aware I like a good discussion on most topics, especially those related to disability, and there are many days in the week where I am putting the world to rights with my PA. I think my biggest strength, which is also my biggest weakness at times is I … Continue reading Do Not Slur My Mental Health If You Disagree With Me!

Have Charities Become Too Political?

Charities used to represent the pinnacle of philanthropic endeavours but over the last decade or so, their role has appeared to have changed, and I would argue that not for the better. Charities sole aim used to be to help those in need with provision not provided by the state, whether that was financial assistance, … Continue reading Have Charities Become Too Political?

We Need More Inclusive Technology

While the political focus on what helps disabled people has remained focused on money, in terms of welfare benefits, and social care, namely the provision of human support, the biggest thing I feel that enables and empowers disabled people is technology and especially inclusive technology.Inclusive technology is any technology that is designed to include disabled … Continue reading We Need More Inclusive Technology