DPAC and me!

It is clear to me that there is a love/hate relationship between DPAC and myself, they hate me and I love the fact I annoy them! I admit that I have made myself an easy target for their attacks, ut I am quite happy with position I have taken with them.I have spent the last … Continue reading DPAC and me!

Having a Wheelie Good Time

On 1st September, my virtual disability themed nightclub, Wheelies, celebrates its 8th birthday. The club exists in Secondlife, a virtual world that has millions of residents from around the real world, and it is a place where anything is possible. The first thing to understand about Secondlife is that it not a game, but a … Continue reading Having a Wheelie Good Time

An Important Read For Parents of Disabled Children (And Everyone Else)

When I wrote an article about parents of disabled children a few months ago, I was pleased to receive some positive feedback on twitter from a parent, Yvonne Newbold. Since then we have had a wonderful email conversation where email by email we realised how much we have in common from our different experiences of … Continue reading An Important Read For Parents of Disabled Children (And Everyone Else)

Give Me the Right to Live, Not Die

On Friday the Lords will debate the 'Assisted dying bill' and I am one if many disabled people that has been vocal in their opposition to this dangerous legislation, that is likely to be the starting point to the normalisation of 'mercy killings' and a societal pressure upon sick and disabled people to 'do the … Continue reading Give Me the Right to Live, Not Die

The ‘Patronising’ Gene

One of the biggest things disabled people have to endure is patronising people. Whether it's a pat on the head or their assumptions we are stupid and/or harmless, disabled people are often the most susceptible targets for the patronising, who sadly often have no idea of their infliction and therefore can not help their poor … Continue reading The ‘Patronising’ Gene

Please Don’t Save the Independent Living Fund

The Independent Living Fund (ILF) has supported people with high support needs since 1998, currently 17000 users, with the original aim of keeping people out of residential care in a very different environment to the one we have now. In 2007 an independent report was prepared that raised serious concerns to the running of the … Continue reading Please Don’t Save the Independent Living Fund