Do Professionals Have Too Much Power Over Social Care Users?

While many disabled people are fairly independent of social care services, some of us require high support packages, and this means we need to interact with professionals, who basically assess and decide how much assistance and support we receive. I am very independent in the decisions I make and this is because of the support … Continue reading Do Professionals Have Too Much Power Over Social Care Users?

Do We Need New Disablism Laws?

The coalition government has certainly put disability top on the political agenda, both in terms of welfare reforms and social care. This has provided fresh motivation for existing disability activists to campaign for something better, as well as politicalising a new generation of disabled people who have a range of experiences and understandings of the … Continue reading Do We Need New Disablism Laws?

Having a Speech Impairment

I think one of the most challenging parts of my cerebral palsy is having a speech impairment, because it challenges the people I meet everyday. I think for a number of reasons, its still remains a less socially acceptable difficulty, in comparison to using a wheelchair for example, because the inability of listeners to understand … Continue reading Having a Speech Impairment