Increased Expectations of Disabled People

The end of Black Slavery was a great and defining moment for human civilisation, but I have always wondered about the practicalities that a new generation of free black people had to ensure. I would never suggest being a slave was a good thing, but many of them had a good set-up where their meals … Continue reading Increased Expectations of Disabled People

Getting Paid is Hard

It would be argued that in terms of my social network, my experience and expertise, and my political influence, I am nearing the top of my game and I am certainly well known and I think well respected by my peers, despite my controversial nature. The problem I have always faced in getting paid what … Continue reading Getting Paid is Hard

Can Disabled People Work Together?

Disabled people are a collective of individuals who have nothing in common other than a label imposed on them by society and being human beings. 'We' will experience difficulties, prejudices and discrimination in our own ways and limited by our own experiences, and we will assume every other disabled person shares our experiences, feelings, frustrations … Continue reading Can Disabled People Work Together?

Talking About Disability With Parents

I have found one of the most sensitive situations I find myself is on a professional and personal level is talking to parents who have recently had their child diagnosed as having some kind of impairment, either before they are born, or afterwards. While I am extremely positive about my situation, despite the difficulties I … Continue reading Talking About Disability With Parents

Big Companies Still Need the Human Touch

I think one of the biggest frustrations I have had in my adult life is trying to get the big companies I depend upon, like phone and energy companies, to understand that I am an individual, and indeed a complex individual at that, and that I can not neatly be put into their expectations. I … Continue reading Big Companies Still Need the Human Touch