Making the Impossible Possible

I am not sure where exactly it came from but I always had the drive and determination to achieve anything I set my mind to do, regardless of the limitations and barriers that were in my way. It was not until I was involved in European Human Bridges (EHB), the European disabled and non-disabled youth … Continue reading Making the Impossible Possible


All Same All Unique

During the 1990s Council of Europe organised an anti-racism campaign called "All Equal All Different" as a part of their human rights education remit. They repeated the campaign a decade later but widen it to include all equality issues, including disability, and I am proud to have been involved in the campaign on behalf of … Continue reading All Same All Unique

There Is a Big Different Between Charity and Begging

While I have concerns at how some charities are run, I do recognise the about of good many charities have provided individuals, in a matter that is open, accountable and legal, as formally constituted organisations. Even if a specific project is not linked to a charity number, it is often in their best interests to … Continue reading There Is a Big Different Between Charity and Begging