The Fear of Disability Keeps People Safe

As a child I remember all those public service adverts aimed at children to keep us safe, and in particularly the Green Cross code. The message of the Green Cross code was simply, cross the road safely or you may be killed or become injured, or even worse, end up disabled. Those were not the … Continue reading The Fear of Disability Keeps People Safe

What Is Wrong With 15 Minutes?

With an ageing population, Social care is becoming a bigger issue that is only starting to be understood in the public domain, although there is still much confusion about the specifics. This is not helped by the many charities and organisations who are muddling the waters with their own version of what social care is … Continue reading What Is Wrong With 15 Minutes?

Being Politicians, Not Protestors

I would like to propose that there are two main styles of campaigning, which are protesting and being political, with a small p. Protesting is about throwing metaphorical, and sometimes actual, stones at the windows of whoever they have an issue with. Protestors can say and do what they want, as long as it is … Continue reading Being Politicians, Not Protestors

I Do Not Want a Fair Society

There are three words that fill me with dread in the context of disability; these are fairness, compassion and dignity. While many people may see nothing wrong with these terms, I have seen how they can be used to disempower disabled people. If you need to talk about 'promoting dignity' in terms of disability services, … Continue reading I Do Not Want a Fair Society