I Believe You Can

I am a big fan of 'The Biggest Loser', especially the American version of the show, because series after series it has turned people who literally have one foot in the grave into thin fit healthy athletes. The show turns "can't" into "can" and that it is this attitude I treasure as my own. If … Continue reading I Believe You Can

A bit about my family

I do not talk about my family because they do not really have a place in my life. It has been at least a decade since I have last met any of them and 5 years since I have had any contact with any of them, expect my father and that is minimal. They are … Continue reading A bit about my family

Encouraging ‘Young Carers’ Is Unacceptable

Over the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who are regarded or regard themselves as carers, due to a strong carers movement that has the support of this government. Those who were regarded as spouses, parents and siblings are now just regarded as carers, and while family members … Continue reading Encouraging ‘Young Carers’ Is Unacceptable

It Is the Lies That Kill Disabled People

Back in August I wrote an article on what I considered to be some urban myths of the welfare reforms asking for any evidence there was any truth to them. My article created a lot of response and anger towards myself, but in my opinion, no proper evidence was provided that any of the myths … Continue reading It Is the Lies That Kill Disabled People

Accessible Transport Is Good for Everyone

Public transport is an essential part of the infrastructure of any civilised society and therefore if disabled people are to achieve full equality as contributing citizens, it is important that public transport is as accessible as it can be, and by this I do not just mean wheelchair access but also a whole range of … Continue reading Accessible Transport Is Good for Everyone

There Should be No Benefit to Being Disabled

While others may disagree with me, I do feel that there are people who wish to have the label of being disabled, who are just impaired, because they believe there are benefits to being disabled. I am not just talking about welfare benefits, but also many other perks like free parking, bus passes and free … Continue reading There Should be No Benefit to Being Disabled

Independent Living Fund’s Closure Is Good for Disabled People

While there is five disabled people who are celebrating today because they believe they have stopped the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) after their high court appeal, there are 19000 other users, including myself, who now have a lot to fear about as the actions of a few trying to escape reality has … Continue reading Independent Living Fund’s Closure Is Good for Disabled People