Let the autumn work begin

As I come back from my week in Belgium, it is now to look forward to the autumn ahead and the latest chapters in work and adventures for me. I never know what I am doing from one month to another which can be frustrating in terms of planning my finances but also exciting in … Continue reading Let the autumn work begin

Lifejackets need crotch straps

As someone who has tried a whole range of water sports throughout my life and as someone who can not swim unaided, I have gained the understanding that an important component of any lifejacket is the crotch strap(s). The strap(s) are important because they stop the jacket from riding up and potentially going off in … Continue reading Lifejackets need crotch straps

They huff and puff

Regular readers will have realised that as well as doing this blog, I am also now also blogging for the Huffington Post on a weekly to twice weekly basis, this is a very interesting experience, It is interesting that some of my articles so far has received few comments while other articles have received many … Continue reading They huff and puff

Can people be more positive?

On social media and in other forums, I meet a lot of people, especially disabled people, who are quite negative about their situation and I must wonder to myself, can people be possible? I strongly believe that attitude is everything and for example it is not often the amount of money that causes poverty but … Continue reading Can people be more positive?

What do I want?

It to now very clear to me that so many people do not understand how I am and what I want, assuming and believing my objective is to harm disabled people for profit.  The reality is I really want a better quality of life experiences and opportunities for everyone especially disabled people, especially those with … Continue reading What do I want?

Why do we bother educating disabled people?

Many disabled people with live long conditions consider themselves unable or unfit for work and can be assessed and tested accordingly, currently writing them off as able of make any contribution to society. So why do we not go a step further and use ATOS to assess people to see if they were worthy of … Continue reading Why do we bother educating disabled people?