Should we write disabled people off?

On Thursday I attended the Disability Confident confidence and I was stuck by what Iain Duncan Smith said about how the benefit system fails many disabled people, regarding them as unable to work, and this was the crime, not the fact people are being declared fit when society is happy to accept an individual's believe … Continue reading Should we write disabled people off?


The 15 minute support call

A few weeks ago I attended a major disability conference where the Chief executive of Leonard Cheshire Disability was talking about her concerns about 15 minute care calls asking the audience if they all agreed that it was wrong to have these 'limiting' calls. While it was asked as a reciprocal question, I could not … Continue reading The 15 minute support call

Women were never sick

In writing this blog, I must make it very clear I am discussing the historic implementation of the sick role on an academic level rather than making any sexist remark, although highlighting the sexism that existed in the sick role. I am also not suggested women will never 'ill' but that society did not see … Continue reading Women were never sick