I’m discriminated – So what?

 As someone with cerebral palsy from birth, I have been discriminated in countless ways through my life. Because I have a speech impairment, which is still quite a taboo, I am constantly having my intelligent undermined but I never let any of this stop me. I always believed in order to have a good life, … Continue reading I’m discriminated – So what?

They treat us like animals

When I read some of the articles written in newspapers, even those that are supposedly written by disabled people, it is as we are animal as they describe our existence and our supposed need for fairness and compassion. There is firstly not a single group of disabled who all look, feel and think the same … Continue reading They treat us like animals

You are not a charity

It is clear to me that many charities have grown so big, so powerful and so commercial that in reality they are no difference than commercial enterprises. Many charities no longer provide money to individuals to help them in whatever way but simply 'third sector' providers of government services on the cheap and with the … Continue reading You are not a charity

Negative Labels are for life

I believe society should be very careful when they impose negative labels upon people, especially disabled people, because the effects for the labels can last for the rest of their life. Declaring someone unfit for work for example can leave people in a mindset where they feel can never work so they never try to … Continue reading Negative Labels are for life

Does the car industry encouraging benefit fraud?

 The motability scheme used to be a small scheme that enables disabled people receiving DLA to exchange the mobility component of the benefit for a car on the 3 year lease scheme. Over the years it has grown in public awareness and popularity as the public acceptance of disability has grown. But when you start … Continue reading Does the car industry encouraging benefit fraud?

Deep down feelings on disability

Disability is a very complex issue and for many people, its leads to very complex feelings deep down with they themselves may not realise or understand. The normality of disability and therefore the true and meaningful equality of people with impairment, is not universally accepted and our existence is constantly being challenged. It is still … Continue reading Deep down feelings on disability

Understanding Hate Crime

I feel in terms of disability, the concept of hate crime is very misunderstood. While there are instances of hate crime, it is not the widespread epidemic some people would like it to be seen. I feel it is very unfair and incorrect there is a link between the welfare reforms, any imagined scrounger rhetoric … Continue reading Understanding Hate Crime

We must value everyone

 I fundamentally believe we must value everyone without exception and there is no level of impairment that warrants being too severe to exist although I appreciate some people have naturally very short lives regardless of any medical intervention. If a person can make someone else smile, and I challenge anyone who says that does include everyone, … Continue reading We must value everyone